5 Ways To Bring Back Joy In Nursing!

5 Ways To Bring Back Joy In Nursing By: Lorie Brown

1.Begin in gratitude.

When I wake up, I think of all the things that I am thankful for. This makes me smile and feel good. Some days, I’m thankful for just waking up. Other days I have a long list of things to appreciate. It doesn’t matter if your list is long or just a single something for which to be thankful. Just begin in gratitude.

2.Move your body!
Although in nursing, we are constantly moving, but it’s more from task-to-task rather than being in our body and actually moving. Spend time just to move and feel your body. Whether it’s a long walk, bicycling, yoga or whatever; anything that allows you to get back in your body and feel your body moving is good. And we should be grateful that we can move.

3.Take 5 minutes of joy.
When I was given the suggestion to spend 5 minutes of joy each day, I thought, “Oh, that will be easy” because generally, I am a happy person. However, I found that having to intentionally look for that joy is a little harder than I thought. I thought of all the things that bring me joy and, from my short list, I counted my children, animals, smelling flowers, the Beatles… Each day I am determined to do something for 5 minutes that will make me smile and bring me joy. It could be something as simple as a stroll, getting a massage or even feeding ducks in a pond.

4.Read or listen to things that bring joy.
There are so many great books that bring joy. Shawn Achor is a happiness expert and states that “Happiness is a choice.” His book titled “The Happiness Advantage: The Severn Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success And Performance At Work” is excellent. That’s just one and you know there are tons of others. If you don’t want to read, then you can listen to a book on audible.com or a podcast or something else that brings you joy. Putting good things in your mind helps shift your mood from stress to joy.

5.You can also try empowered nurses cards.
When you need clarity or a little pick-me-up, just select a card and it will give you a needed message that will help you in your day. Designed specifically for nurses, they are available and on sale now at http://www.empowerednursescards.com.

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