5 Things To Look For In A Traveling Nursing Company

1.Friendly Recruiters
Good communication and listening skills are essential. These will allow recruiters to make better decisions and find the perfect travel assignment for you. Getting a job isn’t easy. Look for a recruiter who has successfully gained your trust and who can motivate and support you. Your recruiter should know what you’re looking for and should be keeping in touch with you throughout every step of the process.

2.Support from Every Department
From the time you get connected to a recruiter to the time you start your contract, you will be working with a few different departments and staff.  Having a professional relationship between all people involved in the process is crucial. Try to observe their professionalism, flexibility and patience. Good communication between them and you will help to avoid misunderstandings and inefficiencies that could affect your travel assignment.

3.Streamlined Process
From a labor and delivery nurse position in Washington to a step-down nurse job in Wyoming, a staffing company should allow you to browse through a comprehensive list of all openings in the United States and directly apply to the jobs of your choice. Cirrus Medical Staffing’s website provides a full & updated list of current jobs for you to browse at your leisure.

4.Impressive Benefits
One of the advantages of working with a travel nursing company is that you can still maintain the same benefits you had as a staff nurse, plus some! For example, Cirrus Medical Staffing offers day one medical insurance coverage, a great 401k (with a match!), and even sign-on, loyalty, and referral bonuses!

5.Continuing Education Benefits
Knowledge is powerful. Keeping yourself up to date with new research and medical advancements is essential for healthcare professionals. Look for travel nursing companies that offer free continuing education as an incentive to help you expand your skill sets and can get you work opportunities with higher pay in the long run. The better you are, the better we are!

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