7 Ways Nurses Can Stay Ahead Of Their Mom Game

7 Ways Nurses Can Stay Ahead Of Their Mom Game! By Apoorva Rao

Spend time with your kids.
A nurse gives her best while on duty. There will be times when it will require more than a particular work timing, and she may not be able to spare much time for home.

Motherhood is a very crucial phase, for it determines what your child will be. Your presence is more than vital and regular talks, fun, interaction is more than significant. Setting your priority and then balancing your work life and family time is all that you need to do. Your kids need your time.

2.Take them to see your work.
Didn’t your job tap into your conscience and make you a better person? It would be perfect to have young kids experience what it means to love someone and care for them. This will certainly make them better people. Besides you being an example, watching the action in front of their eyes unlocks beyond what words can do.

3.Keep loving them.
Children can be very sensitive when it comes to attention and failure to acknowledge them, it can affect them mentally and emotionally. Such an issue can come up when you spend more time on work with your patients and lesser time at home.

At a young age, a child needs nothing more than love. So, with such a responsibility, make your efforts stand out and for ever. Make sure they know you still have that special place for them.

4.Involve your partner.
Let your partner know what you're feeling, inside out. Show some love and let him know that you need some too. Being a team, always helps. Your stress would be shared, and so would your happiness. Being in love is a beautiful feeling, and sharing your moments through motherhood with the one you love will only make the deal sweeter.

5.Learn from the mistakes.
The world has drastically changed today with rising numbers of kids in corruption, facing depression, leaving homes and many other problems the 90’s didn’t see coming. One of the reasons can be, neglecting the child and not investing enough to show them the right path or keep them happy by spotting their difficulties and worries.

This goes back to spending enough time with them and setting a proper example. People around you make mistakes, even you probably did; learn from them and make a constant effort to invest time and love in your child’s life.

6.Leave room for new lessons.
Motherhood has much more to teach you, don’t let your profession determine that you know what’s coming your way. It certainly is the most beautiful journey that womanhood can offer. While your experience as a nurse can help you much as a mother, your journey of motherhood will also enhance the nurse in you. Let the new chapter begin with lots of space for learning.

7.Don’t let experience cut sensitivity.
Do you remember when you were a new nurse - every case was handled with so much sensitivity and cautiousness? Over time and with experience, you tend to understand and handle every emotion quite well, which can drop the sensitivity level because you know the approximate outcome. But, make sure you give your kids the attention and care like your early days. Don’t forget to put your mom coat on once you step out of your workspace; that will do wonders.

Besides being a mile ahead of every mother with your nursing powers, now, you can be the best mom there can be!

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