Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees

All persons who attend classes at ENI must register for their classes and pay the applicable tuition and fees within the established time frames. The cost per credit hour is $268. The exact tuition of each student will vary dependent upon their respective background in the medical field and the extent to which courses can be exempted, substituted, and transferred as a result of that background. (See General Program Information in the ENI Program Catalogue for further detail).

Without any credit exemptions or transfers, the program tuitions are as follows:

  • LPN...$16,080 ($268 x 60 cred. hrs.)
  • RN...$24,120  ($268 x 90 cred. hrs.)
  • BSN...$32,160  ($268 x 120 cred. hrs.)

PLEASE NOTE: The "Out-of-Pocket Expenses"  shown above is an estimate of the average amount NOT covered by financial aid (as of 2016), that a student would be responsible for paying. The above prices DO NOT reflect the COST (tuition & fees) of the programs.

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