Finding the Perfect Job Match: 6 Factors to Consider

Don’t just appreciate a location in theory, research why you’d want to live there for an assignment. Find specific examples of your activity of choice – whether it be the nightlife, outdoor fun or sightseeing – and keep mental notes so that you can take advantage of these things once you move there.
Connection with the Nurse Manager and nursing team
Sometimes things just click. Keep in mind that in addition to being interviewed for a new position, you should also “interview” the Nurse Manager. Ask them questions and make sure it’s a two-way conversation, because their answers to your questions can be a make-or-break. Ask about the team dynamics and compare that to your ideal work environment.
The length of the assignment
Most assignments are 13 weeks, but don’t limit yourself to only this option, as there are other assignment lengths available. Maybe you want to squeeze in something before the holidays? Ask us about our 8-week assignments.
Ability to grow and learn
What floor you’re on isn’t the only factor to consider: reflect on the things that make a facility special or unique, and where these attributes line up with your passion. Working at a teaching hospital or Level I Trauma Center, for example, could help grow your skill set, which can set you up for future success.
The pay
Sometimes you’ve found the perfect location, the perfect Nurse Manager and the perfect hospital setting, but there’s a big “but” holding you back: the pay’s not great. This “but” may not need an enema (sorry, that one was too easy), however, the topic of pay is nearly as unpleasant and does require some soul-searching. Consider your unique situation, and what you’re willing to sacrifice to accomplish other goals like career growth or location preference.
The extras
It’s pretty hard to say “no” to a sign-on bonus or stellar benefits, and certainly shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to making a career decision. Where do these things fall on the priority list? That’s up to you.


Being able to place our nursing student at their clinical/externship location, gives students a big advantage when it comes to seeking employment. By exceeding all expectations during clinicals most employers consider hiring on the spot. Visit to learn more about clinical placement after program completion.

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