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About ENI!!

Erudite Nursing Institute® (ENI) is a Medical Career College that is owned and operated by Medical Career Specialists, which has been effectuating educational excellence in Healthcare since 2000. Previously, all ENI programs were made available exclusively to hospitals, caregiving facilitators, and other medical organizations wanting to train their staff in-house, rather than absorb the encumbrances of tuition reimbursement and educational leave.

After years of successfully providing accelerated medical training for thousands of allied healthcare professionals at every degree of competency throughout the country, ENI nursing programs follow a similar and proven educational model.

Erudite Nursing programs are for the discerning professional in need of quality, affordable, timely, and reliable education in practical or professional nursing. All ENI programs are nationally accredited. Earning the coveted ENI diploma affords the opportunity to sit for the respective licensure examinations, as has been the formidable practice in ENI-trained medical facilities around the country for over a decade.

We are Erudite!!

At Erudite Nursing Institute® we strive to maintain the highest standards of excellence and achievement. We believe that being "just another nurse" is not enough to make the impact that erudite nurses have the potential to make on their communities and on the world. The very definition of the word erudite is a summation of what Erudite Nursing Institute® stands for and believes in:


adjective: erudite

having or showing great knowledge or learning.

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