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by Cindy Carlyle on Erudite Nursing Institute
I thought it was too good to be true

In my honest opinion (and I do not mean any offense), some things in life sound "too good to be true". When I first saw the poster for this school at my job, I thought it was a joke or something. I could not believe it was real. The poster said my hospital was hiring for 6 BSNs for our Public Outreach and Community Support department and the vacancies needed to be filled within 90 days. It listed Erudite Nursing Institute as the partner education provider for current RNs that wanted to be considered for one of those positions, which were/are highly sought after.Before contacting the school, I reached out to our HR Director to make sure I was reading and understanding correctly. I had never heard of anything like this, except accelerated bridge programs that are 5-10 months long, a lot more pricey and tedious requiring time away from work. Unfortunately, I could not afford to take that much time from my job, because I was working full-time, as well as PRN for extra income as a single mother of 4. (Yes! 4!!!) Once I got the go ahead from my employer I immediately applied and completed the Spring 2016 semester. I am scheduled to take my Boards on the 22nd and HR has promised I will have a job waiting once I pass. Applying to this program is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made and I will recommend it to everyone I know.


Thank you so much for your kind words. We truly appreciate your kindness and are absolutely certain that your intelligence and professional demeanor will make a great impact on the profession of Nursing. We are very excited for you at this monumental time in your life and wish you all the best with your new position.


-ENI Staff

by Michael Braselton on Erudite Nursing Institute
My wife and 401k thank you

I was a 15 year paramedic and former Corpsman with the U.S. Navy (two years stateside) and 5 years service with the Marine Corps. Before that I had worked for years as a First Responder EMT, Certified Echocardiologist, and Firefighter.  I moved to the private sector/civilian side in '09 and I loved my job, but had been at it a long time with long hours. The workload and demands were no longer reflective of my dedication and commitment to the field. After years as a veteran (civilian) serviceman, I just knew it was time to ask for more for my work, because my wife will be retiring within the next 12-14 years as a school teacher. I will be retiring in the next 16-18 years. I want to be able to spend time with my grandkids and family and afford a comfortable lifestyle when it's all said and done.  But my retirement and 401k was not enough. I was excited when I heard of these accelerated specialty programs for nursing, because I was not about to enroll in a "traditional" school where I could teach the teacher. It would had been too much time, money, and too much of an insult to my skills and intelligence. Because I already had the Paramedic Degree along with many years work experience, I went into the RN program. I got my RN-ASN with you all and never looked back. I have been working as an Emergency Nurse since two months after I graduated. Overall, I am just really thankful for your school. Because old dogs like me just don't have it in us to go back through all the hoops and obstacles we did when we were younger. We need something fast, affordable and NOW. Thank you again. God bless you.


A dedicated hero providing service to our country need not thank us for doing our part to help protect and strengthen American communities. It was a pleasure to work with you, sir. Please inform us if there is anything else at all that we can do for you or your friends and family in the future.

Kindest Regards,

ENI Staff

by Paris McKnight on Erudite Nursing Institute
Overall I'm Happy, but...

I did the 5-week LVN in the Fall of 2015. Overall, I'm happy because I did complete the program and did get my license. My only complaint was the reading and increased workloads. I was already a CNA for 15 years so I know a lot about patient care in the field. But reading about technical caregiving is so much different than when I'm out on the floor. I guess I just wasn't prepared for that. Other than this issue, I really did like my program because I felt like it was designed in a way to help me achieve my goals and everyone along the way was really nice and helpful when I needed it. Will recommend program to others.


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Working in the Medical Field is always different than the required schooling. In school, any school, you are always required to study and learn new concepts and terminology that you may or may not be required to employ while on the job. As you know, our programs and curriculums are specifically formatted for current Healthcare professionals whom already have previous qualifications. We try to make the learning process as simple and straightforward as possible, because we are here to facilitate scholarship and education, not make things more difficult for our students. But remember, any nursing school that you attend is going to require that you study and dedicate ample time to your career goals. We are sorry to hear that you may have had a little bit of trouble, but are ecstatic that everything worked out very well for you in the end.

Please keep in mind that we do offer the 7-week RN program for if/when you decide to further expand your career opportunities. If you do choose to apply, you may want to do so as far in advance as possible to give yourself additional advance study time before the program begins. This way, you will not have to feel any form of pressure when it comes to finding sufficient time to study. Thank you again for your feedback.

Warm Regards,

ENI Staff

by Nurse J. Velez on Erudite Nursing Institute
Salary Increase! I am happy with this!!

I already had my LPN license when I heard about Erudite Nursing Institute. My co-worker came in talking about it, but I was wondering how she had become an RN so quickly. Then she let me in on her "secret" and I submitted my application right away. I completed the program in Fall 2015 and sat for my Boards. After I passed (on the first try!!) I applied with my current employer and have been here ever since. Most people won't believe this, but I make OVER $27,000 MORE per year after graduating from the program. I would recommend it to anyone. Take my advice and APPLY EARLY if you plan to get in, because their space fills up too quickly.

Thank you for sharing your experience. We are pleased that our programs were successful in boistering your career. Please remember we do have the 9-week BSN program available as well, for the future, should you want to further advance your career. Best wishes.

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